Single Sort Recycling

How to Recycle Using the BROWN and YELLOW Curbside Recycling Carts

Proper Curbside Placement of Cart on Recycling Day

  • Place your cart out at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on your regular pick-up day.
  • Make sure that the front of the cart faces the street.
  • Place your cart 5 feet away from all obstructions, including cars, poles, and additional carts.
  • Please don’t load your cart with more than 100 lbs.
  • The lid of your cart must close with ease.
  • If your cart is damaged or broken, missing or stolen, please call 507-462-3277 for a replacement.
  • Material left outside your cart will not be picked up.
  • If you wish to have a 2nd cart, there is a one-time fee of $70.00. Contact the City Office for more info.

What Can Be Recycled in your BROWN and YELLOW Cart:

All items placed in the BROWN and YELLOW cart must be CLEAN with no dirt or food residue.  Food containers must be washed out.  Labels on containers are OK.

Remove all caps, lids, covers, o-rings, pumps and discard into your regular trash.

NO plastic bags!!  That means no plastic bag liner in the recycling cart also.

All recyclable items are placed in the BROWN and YELLOW recycling cart and co-mingled or mixed together.

Minnesota Lake Pick-up Schedule 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the Month

** Service will be delayed one day
in observance of a holiday.

January 3rd & 16th
February 6th & 20th
March 5th & 19th
April 2nd & 16th
May 7th & 21st
June 4th & 18th
July 2nd & 16th
August 6th & 20th
September 4th** & 17th
October 1st & 15th
November 5th & 19th
December 3rd & 17th


  • Newspaper, Magazines, Miscellaneous Paper Products
    • All white and colored writing paper, computer paper, magazines, and newspapers including inserts
    • Junk mail
    • Corrugated cardboard (the double-walled cardboard with the wiggly center) (Flatten boxes before putting in cart)
    • Phone books
    • Magazines including Reader’s Digest
    • Catalogs
    • Boxboard from chip, cereal and cracker boxes
    • Newspapers and shiny inserts
    • Please do not bundle newspapers in anything other than brown paper grocery bags
  • Tin, Aerosol Cans, or Aluminum Cans
    • Food and pet food cans
    • Soda and beer cans
    • Clean aluminum foil and aluminum foil pans
  • Glass
    • Clear, green, brown or blue food or beverage container glas
    • Wine, beer and other alcohol bottle
    • Soda bottle
    • Salad Dressing bottles
  • Plastic
    • All plastic bottles and jugs with a screw top lid or that have a neck smaller than the base
    • Two liter bottles
    • Plastic milk jugs
    • Bleach bottles


DO NOT put these items in your BROWN and YELLOW recycling cart!

  • NO Garbage
  • NO Hazardous waste
  • NO Scrap metal such as metal pipe, hangers, wires, or automotive parts
  • NO Hot or cold ashes
  • NO Concrete, rocks, gravel, or wood
  • NO Pizza boxes, egg cartons or ice cream cartons
  • NO Snack food bags (like chips or popcorn bags)
  • NO Fast food containers, cups, or wrappers
  • NO Styrofoam, foam cups, foam containers or Styrofoam peanuts
  • NO Bubble wrap
  • NO Plastic toys or furniture
  • NO Plastic film or grocery bags
  • NO Plastic wrap or dry cleaning bags
  • NO Softener Salt bags
  • NO Milk bags
  • NO String, twine, cotton balls
  • NO Paper towels, napkins, tissues
  • NO Baby diapers
  • NO Garden product containers such as pesticide containers
  • NO Cups, coffee filters, tea bags
  • NO Waxed paper or waxed anything like milk cartons, drinking boxes, frozen food boxes
  • NO Candy or gum wrappers
  • NO Bathroom waste paper
  • NO Photos, slides, transparencies
  • NO Aerosol cans, paint cans
  • NO Motor oil, gasoline containers
  • NO Light bulbs, pens
  • NO Drinking glasses
  • NO Window glass, mirrors
  • NO Pottery, ceramics
  • NO Disposable razors, needles
  • NO Toys, dishes, glasses, medicine containers
  • NO Plastic cups, silverware, trays
  • NO Dead animals

City of Minnesota Lake

103 Main St. N.
PO Box 98
Minnesota Lake, MN 56068
T: 507-462-3277
F: 507-462-3438